Plastic has been around since the middle of the 20th century. Since then, none of its pieces have decomposed. Is it possible that all the accumulated mass has gained its own hive mind and the properties of a biological species? Let’s imagine that plastic adapts to the environment, infiltrates living matter. In a little while, it will become an integral part of the food we eat. And then it will become part of us. It will absorb some kind of plant, take over its external characteristics and ability to grow, and begin to grow like a weed in a bed or a flowerbed. Or will disguise itself as something edible.
I planted this garden as a visual decoy. A kind of test ground, created to show the supposed development of events. Although, consciously or not, we are already witnessing the transformation of our world under the impact of synthetic materials.
Pseudo-plants are beautiful, they imitate nature's forms, try to become attractive to living creatures, mimic and deceive in order to win their place in the sun.

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