Greenhose film, wood, digital animation, 2021

Over the last hundred years, humans have seriously reconsidered their attitude toward the world and themselves. There have been changes related to the importance of sensuality and materiality in our social and cultural life. Modernization and the emancipation of society have given us the opportunity to pay attention to the sphere of the sensual. To experience a new kind of experience. Everyone probably remembers that one of the key features of art is its ability to maintain structural integrity, which, among other things, is expressed in its ability to generate specific subject matter and in its ability to evoke a certain type of feeling, a certain type of experience that is not usually found in ordinary life.
Increased interest in the aesthetic is one of the main features of the dynamics of modernization. Visual attractiveness has become a necessary condition for the existence of the object in our world. In my work, I observe the process of aestheticization. What forms it takes. How it is transformed by various factors. How the veil of aesthetics hides social reality. And, most importantly, at what point does aestheticization become irrational and stop generating new possibilities for humans, and instead replace the functional with the visual.
In my series of greenhouses, decorated with plastic ruffles almost beyond recognition, the seeds are small, pretty tablets disguised as berries. And the fruits are faux fur cherries. Crops like potatoes and corn desperately try to be photogenic. They don't want to be rejected for their appearance. After all, in this case, despite all the expended resources, they won't get into even a cheap supermarket.

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